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You can practically smell it in the air Posted by Joshua M Brown Who wants to go to a crypto currency event with me? The focus of the event will be on how people can make investments, not брокер marc the coins.

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I caught myself thinking this and then realized how perfectly transferrable all of our regular investment biases were over to this new market. As if I or anyone else could have even the inkling of what price the thing should be held and where it should be bought.

Regardless of whether you are a believer or a skeptic or undecided at this point, I think you can agree that the next phase of this thing will involve the serious money — the Wall Street money.

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They see the gains so far, and so do their clients and the people they answer to. Having the right answer is almost beside the point. So then the question becomes, if the serious money is coming, where will it be treated best if at all?

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Who will брокер marc shown to have been full of shit? Брокер marc will the enduring opportunities exist for investors and what are just speculative gambles? Or is it all just a gamble on an unknowable future?

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For every horrible investment during the boom and crash, there was the kernel of an idea that ended up becoming precisely true. We laughed at Peapod and Webvan, but then a generation later we saw the rise of Fresh Брокер marc and then the purchase of Whole Брокер marc by Amazon. We mocked the idea that people would buy cars or clothes online, but then came Tesla which has no showrooms and the ecommerce efforts by the apparel and department store chains — which, these days are the брокер marc bright spot in their earnings reports.

Even the poster child of Dot Com Era stupidity — Pets. Anyway, there is a possibility that all of the online currency stuff of today will be a bust for investors, even as the idea proves too irrepressible to be killed off by a speculative crash.

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Ultimately, attendees will walk away with a richer idea of where the digital asset market is headed in Now go talk about it.

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